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is to provide exceptional-quality sample libraries and synthesizer soundsets for composers worldwide. Whether you need a retail product or a bespoke solution, we pride ourselves in making every sound fresh and inspiring.


Make your music stand out even more. We can craft unique sounds for your project, tailored to your precise specifications.



There's some really spooky and aggressive tones in the patch collections from The Very Loud Indeed Company. Their Omnisphere banks have some evil, dark, compelling patches, and they've got some very cool stuff for the Knifonium and Zebra as well. Nice stuff indeed from Very Loud Indeed."

CHARLIE CLOUSER (NIN, Saw film franchise, American Horror Story, Wayward Pines, Resident Evil: Extinction)

These sounds kick ass. Exhilaratingly musical, inspiring, inventive, and deeply useful. Cannot recommend them enough."

STEPHEN BARTON (Star Trek Picard, Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Titanfall videogame franchise)

I love exploring the Very Loud Indeed Co. libraries. The ratio of useable sounds as opposed to filler is extraordinarily high compared to most libraries. So inventive with such a rich organic quality. I will definitely be getting lots of use out of them in my film scores."

MARK KORVEN (The Peripheral, The Black Phone, The VVitch: A New England Folk Tale, The Lighthouse)

Zebra Kuroshio is really great! As a composer I like to find samples that 1) contain high quality sound design, 2) evoke inspiration, 3) have original and surprising elements and 4) elevate my music to new heights, adding a strong layer of excitement. This library achieves it all and then some! I also like that it is very user friendly and easily manipulated to my needs. All in all – highly recommended!!"

INON ZUR (Starfield, Fallout videogame franchise, Dragon Age videogame franchise, Prince of Persia)

Synthesized and sound designed sounds evolve so fast in the music industry. Only the best and freshest approaches to sound design in synths are able to inspire you to the point of influencing your own writing. This is what Richie Nieto and The Very Loud Indeed Co. are doing to my work."

PEDRO MACEDO CAMACHO (Chorus, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Star Citizen, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus)

The software synth landscape is full of sound sets. So many fall short of conveying what the synth they’re designed for is capable of and fail to excite or inspire. Richie Nieto and The Very Loud Indeed Co. are changing the sonic landscape, crafting new sound sets that excite and inspire and are as deep and visceral as they are playable and musical. I’m looking forward to putting these gems to use in my music.”

KAVEH COHEN (Forza Motorsport videogame franchise, League of Legends, Splinter Cell videogame franchise, Wolverine and the X-Men)

I was completely elated when I first started browsing through these new sounds from Very Loud Indeed as I kept finding gem after gem. From arps to loops to pads and leads, I found myself marking so many patches as “favourites” because sound after sound seemed so useful and playable. I began to get inspired right away and in my mind, what more could you ask for from a sound library?"

ARI POSNER (Anne With An E, Flashpoint, Northern Rescue, After The Ball, Carter)

I love these sound sets! The Very Loud Indeed Co. has created some amazing, unique and eminently versatile sounds for film and television scoring.  It’s some of the best sounding stuff out there and every patch inspires me with a new idea or theme."

STEVE LONDON (The Immaculate Room, Born To Be Blue, Stockholm, Beyond The Lines, The Ripping Friends)

I am really impressed by the attention to detail found in each of these sound sets. They have quickly become a staple of inspiration within my current workflow and template—the compositions are writing themselves. The Very Loud Indeed Co. libraries are a must-have for any aspiring composer desiring to work in film, TV and video games—they just work."

JOHNNY LUCAS (Cirque Du Soleil, Elegy, Miracle Fly)