The music technology news website Sample Library Review has published a glowing review of Omnisphere Altura, one of our darkest Omnisphere soundsets. We couldn't be more pleased about it!

Contributor Shaun Chasin has this to say about Altura:

"This type of thoughtful instrument design is something that really sets apart the good creators and the brilliant creators. I would say without a doubt that, if this library is any indication, The Very Loud Indeed Co. falls squarely in the realm of brilliant creators. It’s so obvious when you play any of the patches that they were created by musicians and crafted with so much love and care.
 Overall this library would be a wonderful addition to the hard drive of any media composer who works in tension or horror as well as anyone looking for a tool kit to allow them to venture into that sonic world. The price point of 29 dollars feels extremely fair, if not on the cheap side for something of this quality. If you’re a user of synths like Omnisphere 2 or Zebra 2, then you would be well served to stop what you’re doing right now and check out the website of The Very Loud Indeed Co. to see what kinds of other things they have to offer."

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